Are Organic Foods Healthier?

Delicious tomatoes

Why do so many people talk so enthusiastically about organic foods? Are they really healthier than non-organic food?

Many adherents to organic foods answer that question with a resounding “Yes!” They say that the organic food has given them more energy, and they generally speaking feel more well than before they began to eat organically.

I just read an article – on – that gives some of the reasons why many gardeners have chosen to grow their fruits and vegetables organically.

According to the organic gardening enthusiasts the secret behind the organic foods is the way they’re grown and cultivated. Because the organic vegetables and fruits aren’t sprayed with chemicals you don’t get any traces of these chemicals later on when you eat the organic foods.

This also holds good when we talk about animal foods. If they animals haven’t eaten foods with chemicals, then you don’t get any traces of these chemicals if you eat their meat, eggs, milk etc.

Squash is a wonderful vegatable

Some people are still skeptical to the claims of the adherents of eating organically. These people often argue that the chemicals are necessary to reduce plant diseases and pests.

The organic gardeners, on the other hand, counter-argue that not only can they prevent and fight against plant diseases and pests without using chemicals, but in addition to that organic gardening protects the environment. Organic gardening, they argue, does a lot to make the world our children have to live in a safer and healthier place.