Blooming Night Queen flower

Do you know the flower, Night Queen (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)?

It’s one of the most beautiful flowers you can imagine.

The Night Queen flower
The Night Queen flower. Photo by Samuel Wong (Wikipedia)

Actually, the flower belongs to the cactus species, but it’s become famous both for its beauty, its strange smell and “extravagant” behavior.

My husband’s grandmother once got so many blooming copies of this flower that she was featured in the local newspaper. But normally you really have to be on guard in order to catch it blooming. You know, the name of this flower, Night Queen, originates from the fact that it usually only blooms for a very short time. You have to wait and wait patiently, and then suddenly – one night – it blooms and shows it magnificent beauty. And then it’s all over again.

I just read that Carol – over at May Dreams Gardens – had a beautiful blooming copy of this extravagantly flower.

You can see it at her blog here: