Hydroponics – A Method to Make Your Garden More Fruitful

Have you ever wondered if there is an alternative to organic gardening? Please don’t misunderstand me; I really like organic gardening, and I personally try to grow my garden as organically as possible. But anyhow you may have asked yourself if there are other alternatives, than organic gardening, to using chemicals and pesticides in your garden.

I just read an interesting article about exactly this question.

One of the reasons some gardeners hesitate a bit about going into organic gardening is that they find it too difficult, too expensive and time consuming. However, as more and more gardeners become interested in organic gardening it becomes easier and less expensive to grow your garden this way.

If you grow your garden hydroponically your plants get the nutrients that they require because they get them directly through water soluble mineral salts. And, as the article says, you can now get most of these nutrients in liquid form. Besides, many of them are certified organic.

These nutrients are mixed with water. And then they’re sent directly to the roots of your plants where they help them to grow healthy and big. When your plants get their nutrients this way it’s much easier for them to actually absorb them, because they’re brought directly to the roots several times daily. Thus it’s easier for your plants to get the needed nutrients. This means that they both grow faster and become more fruitful.

According to a study on tomatoes and sweet peppers that were grown hydroponically, the plants that were grown hydroponically contained up to 50 percent more vitamins than other plants.

Here is the website where I found the article:


I haven’t personally tried hydroponics, but I think it sounds interesting, and like a great way to supplement organic gardening.



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    I totally agree with you. I am the great follower of this type of gardening. This one is totally soil less gardening. Water and mineral nutrition are only used for this type of gardening. And the main thing the products of this type of gardening are totally free from pesticides. And this one really creates the best option for indoor gardening.

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