One of the gardening blogs that I visit on a regular basis is May Dreams Gardens (

The owner of May Dreams Gardens, Carol, really seems to have a strong passion for her own garden – and gardening in general. May Dreams Gardens is one of the older and more established gardening blogs. Actually, it’s been running since 2004. Quite impressive, I think!

On May Dreams Gardens Carol often posts a lot of her pictures both from her own garden and those of others. Apparently she travels quite a bit, and she’s posted many pics of other gardens. Personally I find such pictures very inspiring.

Carol seems to be interested in many different aspects about gardening. For example, on her blog she’s written about such topics as, vegetable gardening, watering your garden, garden design and bonsai gardening, just to mention a few. And she almost always add some of her beautiful pictures.

When I just visited her blog a few moments ago, I read that she’s right now on the Garden Bloggers’ Summer Camp, Buffalo, New York. Based on the nice pictures she’s just published on her blog, it really seems to be a great event.

Go and see for yourself, if you like: Carol’s May Dreams Garden blog.