Growing Beautiful Hostas in Shady Gardens

Do you have some shady areas in your garden? And have you been speculating what kind of plants to grow in these shady areas?

Steve Donnelly just wrote an article – – about hostas and how they can be used in gardens that don’t have a lot of sunlight. Hostas can grow with very little sunlight, they’re versatile and they look beautiful. And that’s of course just as important to a garden owner that wants his or her garden to look nice and inviting.

Besides from the shady surroundings, the hostas also thrive best in a good and nutritious and drained soil, if you want to grow really beautiful and strong plants. But in general, hostas are not demanding in any way and can grow in most places.

Even if you don’t like the hostas you’ve seen so far, you’ll almost always be able to find one that is to your liking. You see, you can choose from between 50 to 70 different hostas every year. So you’ll most likely find a sort that you like.

Little Treasure Hostas

Beautiful hostas can grow in shady gardens

One example of a hosta is that you could maybe use in your garden are the ones called, Little Treasure. Little Treasure is a relative newcomer on the market. This hosta belongs to the dwarf hosta sort called, Little Jay. This miniature hosta has lance-shaped leaves that cream colored with green margins. Later on in the season they also become white, and the margins turn into dark green. This plant can grow about 4.7 inches (12 centimeters) in tallness.

One of the advantages Little Treasure has is that its thick leaves give it a very strong defense against slugs and snails. I think a lot of gardeners will appreciate that.

There are of course many other hostas, but Little Treasure may be interesting to many gardeners.

So, if you’d like to brighten up a shady garden, you may take a second look at hostas.