A biological way to keep slugs and snails out of your garden

I just read an interesting thread on the Garden Stew forum. In this thread one active gardener, KK Ng, tells how slugs and snails have eaten up some of his new Romaine Lettuce plants. A lot of the other gardeners there share their tips on how to solve the problem.

We’ve had a lot of problems with slugs and snails in my area our area and I wanted to share some of my own tips on how to fight these pests.


(RIP) slug
Slugs in your garden

One of the most interesting solutions I’ve come across is a ‘biological’ solution that doesn’t require you to use any chemicals at all. And best of all, this solution apparently is very effective.

This ‘biological’ method consists in making a kind of metallic fence that will guard the plants in your garden against the pests. The fence will simply keep them out of the area that’s protected with the fence.

Here is a short description of this solution. First of all, you need some galvanized metallic plates. You can get such plates in many different places. Just look around a bit in your local DIY centre and you’ll probably find some very quickly. If you can’t find any, you can easily find some on the Internet. The next step is to bend the top of the plates. The reason you do that is to prevent the slugs and snails from climbing over the fence. Then you bury the fence in the ground, so that the bending points outward and make it impossible for the pests to enter the area you want to protect. It’s very important that you dig the fence down into the ground so that the slugs and snails can’t get under it. If you want to make it even more difficult for the pests to get over the fence, you can for example smear soap on the bending. By doing this, you’ll make it even more difficult for the animals to get in. The fence will simply be too slippery for the pests to stick to it.

Some gardeners also use electric fences to keep the slugs and snails out. But personally I think that’s going a little bit overboard, if the other solution works fine.

Try this solution if you’re saddled with snails and slugs in your garden.


Butterflies in your garden

I just visited the blog Dirty Girl Gardening and saw two nice pictures of beautiful butterflies: http://dirtygirlgarden.com/2010/07/butterfly-watchingfountain-shopping/.

She Was Completely Transparent With Me
Butterfly (not the one mentioned in this post)

The owner of the blog, Jennifer, originally looked for a fountain to place in a garden, but she just c

ouldn’t find one. But then she saw these beautiful butterflies and took some pics of them. In particular, I like the last picture you’ve posted.

You know, some people think butterflies are beautiful in the garden. And yes, they really are beautiful. But most people don’t know that that butterflies can also help the plants in your garden. The butterflies pollinate the flowers etc., and thus they help your garden to blossom and grow.

You can see Jennifer’s pics here: http://dirtygirlgarden.com/2010/07/butterfly-watchingfountain-shopping/